LG launches StanbyME Go – a 27 inch portable, adjustable display

LG has introduced a uniquely designed portable smart display known as StanbyME Go. The highlight of this device lies in its innate battery, enabling its use in any setting.

LG has ingeniously housed a 27-inch touchscreen within a carry case to accomplish this. This receptacle further contains the display’s stand, speakers, and battery. LG asserts that the device has endured 11 durability tests, proving its resistance to low pressure, extreme temperatures, dust, vibration, and drops.

The 27-inch display offers a resolution of 1920×1080, although the refresh rate remains undisclosed. Its stand facilitates a 90-degree rotation, and its height can be adjusted, with a maximum elevation of 18 centimeters. It features a 20W quad-channel speaker system, with Dolby surround sound support. Its battery life spans up to three hours. Regarding I/O interfaces, it includes an HDMI input and a USB port.

In terms of software and system, the LG StanbyME Go does not operate on a conventional Android system but utilizes webOS, akin to LG TVs. Nevertheless, it supports Apple’s AirPlay and Android’s screen mirroring function. Moreover, this system permits voice commands or traditional infrared remote control operations.

The dimensions of this carry case stand at 670 x 433 x 119mm, which is undeniably significant. However, it certainly provides a more convenient and safer means of transport than lugging a 27-inch display by hand. As depicted in LG’s promotional images, should one require a larger screen than a tablet during outdoor activities such as camping or picnics, the StanbyME Go proves to be a commendable choice.

Via: liliputing