Intel will hold the Intel Innovation Summit on September 19/20

Intel has announced the staging of the “Intel Innovation” summit, set to transpire on the 19th and 20th of September, 2023, in San Jose, California. This is not a product showcase event; its primary objective is to pique the interest of developers (encompassing software and hardware), architects, tech managers, researchers, and influential individuals. Nevertheless, last year’s keynote unveiled a new product line, which included Xe-HPG GPUs, Xeon, and the 13th generation Core K-series processors.

Given Intel’s product timeline, it is plausible that they might seize this opportunity to unveil the 14th-generation Core processors, namely, the Raptor Lake Refresh. Speculation suggests its release time is around the tail end of the third quarter this year, traditionally a period that Intel favors for launching Core K-series processors.

Based on information gleaned from Computex 2023, the Raptor Lake Refresh possesses an identical architecture and higher power consumption and will continue to elevate its frequency, potentially reaching between 6.2 GHz to 6.5 GHz. It is highly likely that Intel will persist in fine-tuning its support for DDR5 memory, thus the corresponding frequency will escalate and the 700-series chipset should also be compatible with the new processor.

We must also not lose sight of the Xe-HPG GPU product line. Previous reports have indicated that Intel will release an Alchemist+ this year, the first of which targets the entry-level market (ACM+ G20), with power consumption between 75W to 100W. In the fourth quarter, there will also be a product (ACM+ G21) with power consumption ranging from 175W to 200W, slightly lower than the current Xe-HPG A750. Moreover, there may be additional news on the next-generation Battlemage discrete GPUs. Employing the Xe2-HPG architecture, this project is slated for launch in the first quarter of next year, with the initial products making their debut in the second quarter, which will encompass the BMG-G10 (power consumption below 225W) and the BMG-G21 (power consumption below 150W).

Intel has yet to confirm whether this year’s “Intel Innovation” summit will feature a keynote. The timing of the event, however, is firmly established.