LG has officially stopped production of mobile phones

LG has officially stopped production of mobile phones after digesting all the orders it had previously signed with operators. The Vietnamese factory originally used to make mobile phones will be used to produce household appliances in the future.

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However, mobile phone users don’t have to worry about it. High-end models will continue to receive software support for at least three years. Users can learn more about the Android 11 life cycle timeline for LG smartphones. Some models (including Q series phones) will provide the Android 12 system, the latest high-end models are expected to eventually rise to the Android 13 system, users will also be able to get 4 years of after-sales service from the device manufacturing date.

It is reported that LG Electronics’ factory in Vietnam is where most LG mobile phones are produced and will switch to producing household appliances. LG has transitioned part of its production capacity there to home appliances, as a way to keep workers in the smartphone factory employed, and the remaining workers on the mobile phone production line will be reallocated before the end of July. The LG factory in Vietnam was established in 2015. In addition to mobile phones, it has been producing TVs and electrical appliances.

Via: Engadget