Firefox finally gains native translation function

Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the most well-known browsers in the world. Previously, the browser did not have its own translation tool. Users need to install extensions such as Google Translate to implement web page translation functions.

Project Bergamot is Mozilla’s translation tool development project. Since the project was disclosed in October 2019, Mozilla has been developing this translation function for the Firefox browser. The first Firefox translation tool available to users was released as a browser extension last month. Earlier this month, the second version was also released and the tool was officially named Firefox Translations.

The translation function of Firefox Translations is completed locally in the system. This is a completely different point between the translation tool and the current mainstream solutions on the market (for example, the Google Translate translation of the Chrome browser is completed in the cloud).

Recently, Mozilla officially announced that it has integrated this privacy-friendly translation tool into the latest version of Firefox Nightly. This feature is not enabled by default, users need to manually enable it. Firefox Translations only supports a few languages ​​such as English and Spanish for the time being, and Mozilla promises to support translations in more languages ​​in the future.

How to enable Firefox Translation
  • Enter about: config in the Firefox address bar;
  • Search for extensions.translations.disabled;
  • Set the option to false;
  • Just restart the browser.

Via: ghacks