Lenovo proposes a concept phone under the Motorola brand that can be worn as a bracelet

At the 2016 Tech World event, Lenovo unveiled the Cplus concept phone, a device that could be folded into a bracelet for wear. In this year’s Tech World event, they introduced a similar concept under the Motorola brand, refining the design to a more polished finish.

In contrast to the earlier design, which relied on multiple mechanisms to support the screen when folded into a wearable mode, advancements in foldable screen technology have allowed the latest conceptual device to employ a simpler mechanism. This enables the 6.9-inch POLED screen to be effortlessly “worn” on the wrist or utilized in its traditional phone format as needed.

However, despite these significant technological leaps, the viability of this concept phone transitioning into an actual product remains uncertain, with Lenovo still gauging its potential market viability.

On another note, Lenovo has revealed intentions to further develop generative artificial intelligence technology, aiming to enhance user experiences across mobile phones and laptops. Given the recent unveiling at the Snapdragon Tech Summit 2023 in Hawaii, where Qualcomm introduced products deeply integrated with generative AI functionalities, it is unsurprising that Lenovo, with its close partnership with Qualcomm, intends to harness new processors to offer a more integrated AI service experience.