Lenovo announces the ThinkStation P360 Ultra workstation

Lenovo announced the launch of the ThinkStation P360 Ultra, offering an unprecedented form factor and unmatched performance to complete its line of desktop workstations. Lenovo said that the new small workstation has more than 50% higher performance than the previous generation, and has the performance experience of a general tower workstation.

ThinkStation P360 Ultra breaks away from the traditional small-size design idea and is designed from the beginning to support high-end professional components, allowing users to meet extreme space requirements while having a powerful and versatile host. To this end, Lenovo has specially cooperated with NVIDIA to develop a unique solution to support the cooling needs of the RTX A5000 mobile professional graphics card. Lenovo has also partnered with Intel to increase airflow through a unique dual-panel design, equipped with a 12th-generation Core processor that provides up to 16 cores and 125W of power.

The new system offers up to 128GB of DDR5 memory, two PCIe 4.0 slots for expansion, and up to 8TB of M.2 storage, with support for up to eight monitors. Additionally, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra is the industry’s only desktop workstation with dual onboard Ethernet and Thunderbolt 4 ports for maximum flexibility and I/O expansion.

The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is fully ISV certified and tested at the highest level to also pass MIL-SPEC standards. Lenovo has followed its commitment to environmental sustainability in new products. 90% recycled cardboard and foam pads are used in the packaging, and 26.5% recycled plastic materials are used in the system, and sustainability services are also enabled. The ThinkStation P360 Ultra is also 15% lighter than the previous small workstation. In addition, the ThinkStation P360 Ultra has achieved important certifications such as ENERGY STAR and TCO Certified.

Lenovo says the ThinkStation P360 Ultra will be available at the end of this month, starting at $1,299.