Nvidia launches several professional RTX GPUs

NVIDIA announced the launch of a number of professional graphics cards based on the Ampere architecture, including the RTX A5500 for desktop platforms, and RTX A5500, RTX A4500, RTX A3000 12GB, RTX A2000 8GB, and RTX A550 for laptop platforms to meet the needs of different professionals.

The RTX A5500 of the desktop platform is positioned between the RTX A6000 and the RTX A5000 and seems to replace the RTX A5000. The new professional graphics card is a dual-slot design, using GA102, with 24GB of video memory, a speed of 16 Gbps, and equipped with 80 groups of SM. The FP32 computing performance is 34.1 TFLOPs, which is 23% higher than the RTX A5000. However, Nvidia did not provide specific specifications, such as clock and TDP. Professional graphics cards used in workstations are different from consumer-grade gaming graphics cards. Professional graphics cards for workstations use GDDR6 video memory with ECC, and Professional graphics cards for gaming use GDDR6X video memory.

Among several professional graphics cards for laptop platforms, the flagship RTX A5500 is worth paying attention to, which uses GA103, is equipped with 58 groups of SM (7424 CUDA cores in total), and has 16GB of video memory; the RTX A4500 replaced the original RTX A4000, the number of SMs was increased to 46, the video memory was also increased to 16GB, and the video memory rate was also increased to 16 Gbps; RTX A3000 12GB and RTX A2000 8GB double the memory capacity and increase the memory speed on the basis of the original; the RTX A1000 and RTX A500 are the latest members of the series, equipped with 16 sets of SM (2048 CUDA cores in total), with 4GB of video memory. The difference between the two is the memory bit width, RTX A1000 is 128 bits and RTX A500 is 64 bits.

At present, the RTX A5500 for the desktop platform is already on the market, while the new RTX series professional graphics cards for the laptop platform will be shipped later.