Leak: MSI Project Zero motherboards have no connectors on the front

The new generation of CPUs and GPUs have higher and higher requirements for power supply, and more and more M.2 and other interfaces are provided on the motherboard. Along with this, the volume of the cooling module is getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more components, and now the space on the motherboard can be said to be stretched. Not only does it have higher requirements for the design of motherboard manufacturers, but it is very inconvenient for users to install the machine, and it also greatly increases the requirements for wiring.

Recently, Twitter user @g01d3nm4ng0 shared a few photos of the motherboard from MSI. It adopts a new design that hides all the interfaces on the motherboard except the CPU, memory, and PCIe, and even a few parts are not seen. This motherboard belongs to Intel’s Z690 platform. It has been modified on the basis of Unify. The 24Pin motherboard power supply interface, SATA interface, various pins, etc. are placed at the edge of the motherboard PCB, and they are all horizontally facing outwards.

MSI’s project is called “Project Zero”, and this design makes the surface of the motherboard look very “clean” and reduces some wiring or compatibility issues during installation. This design of MSI has certain limitations, and many people can think of it, that is, how to connect the hidden interface. It is understood that it should be matched with the corresponding style of the chassis, which means the lack of versatility.

In any case, such a design trend is also a good thing, at least it will look better in a side-transparent case, and I believe it will be welcomed by many users.
MSI is not the only manufacturer with this idea. Gigabyte also has a concept design called “Project Stealth”, and the product has a similar idea. If this design becomes a trend or even develops relevant standards, it may allow installations to take a new path.