Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Kubuntu 19.10 Releases: KDE Plasma 5.16 & KDE Applications 19.04.3 and more

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With the release of Ubuntu 19.10, some flavor versions have also been updated. After introducing Ubuntu Budgie, let’s introduce what changes have been brought about by Kubuntu. Kubuntu 19.10 uses the Plasma 5.16 desktop environment by default and is equipped with KDE Applications 19.04.3 and built-in Linux Kernel 5.3.

Firefox 69 is the default browser and LibreOffice 6.3 is provided by default in the full installation, along with updates and bugfixes to latte-dock, Elisa 0.4.2, Kdenlive, Yakuake, Krita, Kdevelop and Ktorrent.

Since Plasma 5.17 has been released too late in our release cycle to make it into 19.10 as default, users can install these via our backports PPA.

A Plasma Wayland session can be added by installing the package plasma-workspace-wayland, but is not officially supported. This will add a Plasma (wayland) session option at the login screen. Users needing a stable desktop experience should select the normal ‘Plasma’ (without Wayland) option at login.

NVIDIA drivers are now included with the ISO, which allows the installer to select and install these when the 3rd party and restricted drivers and codecs option is chosen, even if you are installing offline.

ZFS on root installer support landed too late in the Eoan cycle to implement and test for the Ubiquity KDE front end. This option is therefore targeted for the 20.04 LTS release.