Kingston released FURY series of new products

Kingston announced that it will release new high-performance memory, including Kingston FURY Renegade, Kingston FURY Beast, and Kingston FURY Impact series. According to TechPowerup reports, in addition to models with RGB modules, Kingston also provides non-RGB versions of memory to provide enthusiasts and gamers with the upgrade products they need and want for their systems.
Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 RGB1 is an ideal choice for gamers who pursue top performance. It can provide up to 4600 MHz frequency and CL15-CL19 delay. At the same time, the RGB lamp performance with Kingston’s patented synchronization technology achieves smoother lighting effects. Kingston FURY Renegade DDR4 uses a cooler black PCB board and heat sink, which can provide a frequency of up to 5333 MHz, with a delay between CL13-CL20. Both memories have been certified by Intel XMP, and the configuration files are optimized for Intel’s latest chipsets.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 RGB and Kingston FURY Beast DDR4 can improve the game. The performance of video editing and rendering is a relatively cost-effective choice, and the design is relatively low-key. It can provide a frequency of up to 3733 MHz and a delay of CL15-CL19. These two memories have a very rich capacity and package options, providing a single capacity of 8GB-32GB, and a package of 16GB-128GB capacity. At the same time, they have been optimized for Intel and AMD platforms. In addition, the series will also provide DDR3 styles.

Kingston FURY Impact SODIMM is specially designed for laptops and small machines to minimize system latency and supports the latest CPU technologies from Intel and AMD. The DDR4 version can provide a frequency of up to 3200 MHz and a delay of CL15-CL20. In addition, a DDR3 version is also provided, with a maximum frequency of 1866 MHz.