iPhone 14 series will be available in purple

Apple will release a new generation of the iPhone 14 series this fall. Four models of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are available, and the mini model will be replaced by the iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7-inch screen.

Recently, Twitter user @Jioriku revealed that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will be available in green, purple, blue, black, white, and red, among which the pink in the previous generation model was replaced by purple. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available in green, purple, silver, gold and graphite colors, with the “far peak blue” in the previous model replaced by purple. Apple is also testing Titanium versions of the iPhone 14 Pro models, sticking with the same material.

The iPhone 14 series is consistent with the iPhone 13 series in terms of storage, starting from 128GB and providing up to 1TB of storage space. Apple plans to upgrade the fast charge to 30W. In addition, the iPhone 14 series supports always on display, but the plug-ins that can be placed will be very limited.
There are rumors that Apple plans to use the same pricing for the iPhone 14 series to offset slowing smartphone market growth and declining demand in the consumer market. At present, in the iPhone 13 series, the lowest starting price is the iPhone 13 mini, but when it comes to the iPhone 14 series, the lowest positioning becomes the iPhone 14.

If the so-called same pricing is only the same for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, the overall starting price of the new generation of products is invisibly raised. Since the iPhone 14 uses many designs of the previous generation to reduce costs, and it is likely to still be the A15 Bionic, if the price is the same, the appeal to consumers may be limited.