Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

IOS 11 third developer beta release!

1 min read

Apple today released the developer iOS 11 third beta, from the second test version separated by more than two weeks time. Users who have already installed iOS 11 Developer Beta can complete the upgrade via OTA. IOS 11 Beta 2 only fixes some bugs in Beta 1, and this time Beta 3 adds some new features.

IOS 11 includes a lot of design changes, including customizable control center and lock center interface with the notification center. At the same time, Apple also Siri, photos and camera applications were upgraded.

IOS 11 also supports ARKit to facilitate developers to launch AR applications. IPad iOS features a lot of enhancements, such as support for the new Dock, as well as better multitasking, file applications, Apple Pencil support, new switches and system-level drag and drop.

IOS 11 Beta 3 new features:

  • Control center camera application 3D Touch interface optimization, control center within the memo application 3D Touch interface also has optimization
  • Notification Center Optimization, you can display all notifications when sliding.
  • On the iPad, you can close the application by sliding up the way, and the x button in the upper left corner of the multi-task management in beta 1 and beta 2 is removed.