InWin releases new ModFree chassis

Recently, InWin introduced its novel ModFree chassis. This marks InWin’s maiden foray into a fully modular case product, embracing an avant-garde, entirely modular design conceptualized in-house. The innovation also ushers in a sustainable, eco-friendly ethos, fostering a framework more conducive to repairs and updates. During Computex 2023, InWin showcased this pioneering design, affirming that ‘modularity’ has been a paramount trajectory they’ve pursued in recent years.

InWin posits that ModFree offers a modular blueprint, allowing for bespoke configurations tailored to myriad needs, thereby enabling every DIY aficionado to manifest as the mastermind behind their own chassis. The classic rendition encompasses a Mod-I and a Mod-II module, complemented by a trio of Jupiter AJ140 fans. In contrast, the performance-oriented variant boasts a Mod-I, a Mod-II, and a pair of Mod-III modules, accentuated by four Jupiter AJ140 fans.

ModFree incorporates a tool-free snap-fit design, promoting effortless disassembly and reassembly. Individual modules, once fitted with hardware, can be seamlessly integrated. Motherboard installations proffer either a conventional layout or an avant-garde inverted configuration, presenting enthusiasts with a novel paradigm of placement versatility. Furthermore, InWin has rolled out an interactive application, bestowing assembly tutorials and showcasing rotatable and scalable 3D models, thus providing an immersive, virtual assembly experience, and enhancing the product’s intrinsic playability.