Intel’s next-generation LGA 1851 socket leaked

It has been reported recently that Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake will feature a new socket called LGA 2551. However, it was soon reported that Intel’s new socket on the desktop platform should be LGA 1851 (Socket V1), and the 2551 pin may be the BGA package version of other series, not the desktop LGA socket.

According to Benchlife, the next-generation LGA 1851 socket measures 45 × 37.5 mm, which is the same as the LGA 1700/1800 from Alder Lake and Raptor Lake, so it is possible to retain some compatibility in terms of CPU coolers. The leaked slide data shows that the IHS (integrated heat sink) height of the LGA 1851 socket is 6.83mm to 7.49mm, which has changed from 6.73mm to 7.4mm of the current LGA 1700 socket.

The height change of Meteor Lake is likely the result of the new architecture using Foveros packaging technology. Intel has not shared much information about Arrow Lake so far, and the specific situation remains to be seen.