Intel’s Meteor Lake Introduces Core Ultra Naming

Intel’s Global Marketing Director, Bernard Fernandes, revealed on his personal Twitter that the upcoming 14th generation Core series processors, codenamed “Meteor Lake,” set to launch in the latter half of this year, will adopt a novel Core Ultra naming scheme, signifying the discontinuation of the previous Core series designation and numeric incrementation.

The Core Ultra moniker surfaced in recent software testing data, which Bernard Fernandes subsequently confirmed, disclosing that details will be announced in the coming weeks, ostensibly hinting at a Computex 2023 reveal in June.

Inferred from the processor name “Core Ultra 5 1003H” found in the testing software, the new naming scheme will maintain the use of suffix numbers to denote performance level, model, and specifications. For instance, “Core Ultra 5” represents the processor’s performance level, “1003” likely refers to the generation and model, while “H” corresponds to the processor’s particular specifications.

As previously detailed, the “Meteor Lake” processors are slated for a release in the second half of this year, featuring an innovative Flexible Tiled architecture, fabricated using Intel’s 4nm process technology. These processors will be compatible with the LGA 2551 socket and boast a hybrid core design incorporating Redwood Cove P Core and Crestmont E Core. They will also exhibit low power consumption, integrate the next-generation tGPU design based on the Alchemist display architecture, and include artificial intelligence acceleration components.