Intel Xeon W-3500/2500 series lineup leaked

Last year, Intel unveiled its Sapphire Rapids HEDT/workstation processors alongside the corresponding Fishhawk Falls platform, namely the Xeon WX-3400 and Xeon WX-2400 series. These processors feature the innovative Golden Cove core architecture and are fabricated using the Intel 7 process, employing the EMIB packaging technology similar to that of the fourth-generation Xeon Scalable processors.

Recent online disclosures suggest that Intel is preparing to launch the Xeon W-3500 and Xeon W-2500 series, which constitute the Sapphire Rapids Refresh, introducing a new product lineup. As a modest upgrade, Intel has augmented the core count, expanded the L3 cache, and fine-tuned both the frequency and TDP.

The Xeon W-3500 series will be equipped with up to 60 cores, supporting eight-channel DDR5-4800 memory, while the slightly lower-tier Xeon W-2500 series will feature up to 26 cores, supporting four-channel DDR5-4800 memory. These products are expected to be released imminently.