Intel teases neural supersampling technology

Now everyone knows, Intel’s next high-performance graphics card brand will be called Intel Arc, the first-generation graphics card products released will be Alchemist graphics cards (DG2) based on the Xe HPG micro-architecture, and there have been multiple generations of product layouts since then. But Intel’s preparation for the graphics market is more than just a graphics card, because Anton Kaplanyan, vice president of Intel’s graphics research department, said that Intel will announce one of their neural supersampling (neural supersampling) technology.
Intel Arc

According to Anton Kaplanyan, Intel’s technology can improve the picture effect at a small cost. Does this technology sound familiar? Yes, because such technologies NVIDIA and AMD have already been put into the market, namely DLSS and FSR, but Intel’s neural network supersampling technology this time may be more like NVIDIA’s DLSS. Because both use neural network algorithms to achieve the effect of picture stretching.

At present, not much is known about Intel’s new technology based on AI algorithms. However, Anton Kaplanyan also said that Intel will release more information about this technology later this week, so you can also pay attention to it.

It’s a good thing that Intel will finally launch its own graphics card, at least the competition among graphics card manufacturers has increased. However, the challenges faced by Intel graphics cards are also many. In addition to the specifications on the hardware, the support of other software and games is also a very important factor. Even the support of the software and games are the key to attracting consumers to buy Intel graphics cards.