Intel Raptor Lake-S will continue to support DDR4

Intel provides support for DDR4 and DDR5 memory at the same time on the 12th-generation Core series processors. This is also Intel’s conventional approach during the memory replacement period. DDR5 memory starts at 4800 MHz. Although it has a higher starting point than the previous generation of memory iterations, the lower frequency DDR5 memory will not have an overwhelming advantage in the face of high-frequency DDR4 memory.

According to Moore’s Law Is Dead on its Twitter account, Intel’s next-generation Raptor Lake will still retain support for DDR4 memory, and users who currently purchase Alder Lake with DDR4 memory do not need to worry. Recently, there have been conspiracy theories that Intel’s 13th-generation Core series processors will eliminate motherboards that use DDR4 memory, but this is not true.
Earlier news said that Raptor Lake-S is an improved version of Alder Lake-S on the desktop platform, still using a hybrid architecture and Intel 7 process (10nm Enhanced SuperFin), while continuing to use the LGA 1700 base, compatible with the motherboard used by Alder Lake-S, so it is not surprising to retain support for DDR4 memory. During the period of the 6th generation Core series processors, 100 series motherboards also coexisted with DDR3 and DDR4 memory motherboards. Under normal circumstances, models with DDR3 memory can also upgrade the BIOS to support the 7th generation Core series processors.