Intel Raptor Lake Refresh will be released in October

Intel’s plan to release the Raptor Lake Refresh this year is no fresh revelation. With the cancellation or delay of Meteor Lake-S, the spotlight for this year’s desktop and HX processors for notebooks still shines on Raptor Lake. As the interface remains unaltered, no new motherboards will be necessary; the existing Intel 600/700, once updated with a BIOS, can support the 14th generation of Core processors.

As for the specific release date, information from Wccftech indicates that the Raptor Lake Refresh K series will be unveiled in the 42nd week of 2023, falling within the week following October 16th. The announcement is slated for this year’s Innovation event, whereas the non-K series is set to be revealed at next year’s CES, with a market release in January. At present, the Raptor Lake Refresh appears to share a multitude of similarities with Raptor Lake, albeit with the potential of exceeding 6.0GHz in frequency and supporting faster DDR5 memory. The inevitable trade-off will be a higher power consumption, possibly nearing 300W, in addition to the potential emergence of an 8P+12E SKU.

Regarding the succeeding Arrow Lake, there are yet no updated timeframes. Accompanying chipsets will be Z890, B860, and H810, with the desktop version of H870 possibly phased out. Employing the LGA 1851 socket, the Z890 platform is expected to be equipped with 60 HSIO lanes, with 26 corresponding to the CPU and 34 provided by PCH. The B860 and H810 platforms will respectively offer 44 and 32 HSIO lanes. Intel’s 800 series motherboards will natively support DDR5-6400 memory, compatible with a single 48GB memory module, while also supporting 5GbE wired networking and WiFi 7 wireless networking.