Intel Raptor Lake Refresh frequency can reach 6.2GHz

Previous reports suggested that Intel plans to launch the Raptor Lake Refresh in August of this year, introducing minor updates to the existing LGA 1700 platform. Under the Intel 7 process, the refresh is expected to incorporate several optimization measures to further augment frequencies.

According to Moore’s Law is Dead, the Raptor Lake Refresh will feature desktop-oriented “S” models and mobile-oriented “HX” models, both anticipated to arrive in the third quarter of this year. Additionally, Intel is slated to unveil the Meteor Lake-P and Meteor Lake-M chips.

Of paramount importance, Intel will concentrate on amplifying chip frequencies with the Raptor Lake Refresh. Rumors suggest a boost to 6.2 GHz, with the possibility of even higher frequencies, such as the KS version at 6.5 GHz. A Turbo Boost of 6.2 GHz would outstrip the current Core i9-13900K’s 5.8 GHz by 7% and the Core i9-13900KS’s 6.0 GHz by 3%.

Recent reports indicate that Intel plans to alter its long-standing processor naming convention, potentially replacing the existing “i” with “Ultra,” a change confirmed by Global Communications Director Bernard Fernandes.

Intel believes it is currently at an inflection point in its customer roadmap and intends to modify its brand to align with evolving requirements. Fernandes stated that further details would be provided in the coming weeks. Perhaps the Raptor Lake Refresh and the potential Meteor Lake-S will showcase a distinctly different naming scheme this year. Based on available information, it cannot be ruled out that Intel’s forthcoming Core generation may feature both Raptor Lake Refresh and Meteor Lake-S chips concurrently.