Microsoft released a solution for Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver to fix Windows 10 v1903 update error

Earlier, Microsoft said it found compatibility issues in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver and therefore had to pause the latest version of Windows 10. This compatibility issue also only responds to some specific driver versions, such as the older and the newer With versions between the above versions, compatibility issues can fail, and Microsoft has now resolved this issue through temporary measures.

Image: Intel

Microsoft said in the latest documentation that users can install the driver. After upgrading to this version of the driver, users are expected to receive a proactive push of the Windows 10 Version 1903 major release update within two days. Of course, this is only a temporary fix, and Microsoft will release a new fix later this month to solve the problem of quickly storing all versions of the driver. At that time, the fix will be pushed to the test user for testing. If the test is ok, the fix will be integrated into the cumulative update next month.

Of course, if you want to use the method provided by Microsoft, click here to download v15.9.8.1050, and then directly install the driver to upgrade the driver. Note that the above page also has a driver version that is newer than v15.9.8.1050, but users should not choose a new version if they only need to resolve compatibility issues.