Intel quietly released the 11th generation Core B series, The first Intel 10nm desktop processor

Many people are waiting for Alder Lake-S in a few months. The general perception is that this will be Intel’s first desktop processor manufactured with a 10nm process, which belongs to the 12th-generation Core series. However, there are only a few months left, and the title of “the first desktop processor manufactured with the 10nm process” seems to be useless.

Twitter user @momomo_us found that Intel quietly launched four 11th-generation Core series desktop processors which are Core i9-11900KB, i7-11700B, i5-11500B, and i3-11100B. Tiger Lake adopts a 10nm SuperFin process. Its TDP is 65W. However, Core i9-11900KB and i7-11700B can be down-regulated to 55W and support DDR4-3200 memory. In terms of PCIe, PCIe Gen4 is not supported, only 16 PCIe Gen3 channels are configured.

TomsHardware has asked Intel about the relevant situation. The official reply is that “Intel has partnered with customers interested in expanding their product portfolio with enthusiast, small form-factor desktop designs. The Intel Core i9-11900KB processor is a BGA solution built with unique specifications and performance specifically for these designs.” In fact, there are models with the “B” suffix on the 8th generation Core series processors, such as the Core i7-8700B. You may encounter these models of processors when you buy an Apple Mac mini.