Intel Lunar Lake will use a new CPU architecture

After Raptor Lake, Intel will bring Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake one after another. Although some of these products will not be released until several years later, Intel is already advancing related development work.

Recently, Twitter user @IanCutress revealed that Intel is developing a new CPU architecture and a new underlying design for Lunar Lake. It is understood that the information about Lunar Lake this time comes from Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president, and general manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG). The new architecture is primarily focused on performance-per-watt improvements for mobile devices, and Intel will provide more information when it discloses its fourth-quarter 2022 earnings on January 26.

Intel said in its HotChips presentation last year that Lunar Lake was originally designed for the 15W low-power mobile processor segment. The computing module will adopt a more advanced process than Intel 20A, and at the same time introduce external foundries to produce other modules, and the Foveros package is 25um (Bump Pitch). Recently there have been rumors that Meteor Lake will only release the mobile version.