Intel is preparing a new Arc graphics driver: Let the graphics card get better performance

The biggest problem with Intel’s current Arc graphics card is not the hardware specification, but the driver. Their graphics card team also admitted this problem. The Arc graphics card driver has problems from the beginning. Although Intel’s integrated graphics have existed for quite a long time, for the independent display market, they have only entered the market for a short time, and they still need time to deal with various problems in the driver.

Intel released a driver update a few weeks ago, which significantly improved the performance of the previously underperforming DX9 games. Because the Arc Alchemist architecture is optimized and developed for DX12 and Vulkan API, but games using the old API need to be translated and run, resulting in low efficiency when running DX9 games on early Arc graphics cards, and many people thought that Intel’s graphics card performance was not good. Of course, the Intel team also recognized this problem and fixed the DX9 game problem in the previous driver update.

German website PC Games Hardware mentioned in a recent report that Intel has identified and eliminated a bottleneck in the graphics card driver, and claimed that they got a new version of the Intel graphics driver that has not yet been released, but did not mention the specific version. The new driver will give the Arc graphics card a comprehensive performance boost, and they have listed the 66 popular games, using various API games to test the compatibility of the new driver, and the results are as follows:

Of the 66 games tested, only one had a texture issue, but Intel is aware of the issue and the team is already working hard to fix it. In addition, some games still pop up windows to remind you that you are using incompatible or outdated drivers. This problem has not been fixed yet. This pop-up window is really annoying. I hope Intel’s driver team can fix it as soon as possible.

The current Intel Arc graphics card driver has indeed been greatly improved compared to when it was released. If Intel’s new driver can really improve the performance of the graphics card, their graphics card will still be very competitive in the future.