Intel introduces XeSS technology in detail

Intel’s XeSS technology, the supersampling technology used to counter NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, will be launched next month with new Arc graphics cards. Now Intel has built a page specifically for XeSS technology, and there is also a half-hour introductory video.

Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) is a super sampling solution provided by Intel, which aims to make better use of the internal resources of Xe GPU. XeSS renders the game at a lower resolution, then leverages AI to upscale the image to a higher resolution with quality similar to or better than native rendering. XeSS applies the trained model to low-resolution frames, compares motion vectors with historical frames, and finally outputs higher-resolution graphics to be sent to the screen.

XeSS technology will use the XMX engine in the Xe GPU to achieve matrix acceleration to maximize rendering efficiency. Compared with traditional TAA, under the same 4K resolution, the GPU can render each frame at a lower resolution after XeSS is turned on. Therefore, the frame generation time will be greatly shortened compared with TAA, which can bring higher frame rates and smoother game images.

XeSS has four preset modes for players to choose from, including Ultra Quality, Quality, Balance, and Performance.
The above is a comparison of the game frame rate before and after XeSS is turned on in other games. The Intel Arc A770 graphics card used can increase the frame rate by a maximum of 2.11 times and a minimum of 1.37 times when XeSS in performance mode is turned on at 2K resolution.

Now Intel has announced the list of 20 games that support XeSS, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Arcadegeddon, and more… These games will add XeSS support at launch or in the coming months.