Intel i9-13980HX and i9-13900HX take the top spot in PassMark

Intel announced 13th-generation Core HX mobile processors. Several manufacturers launched products that were equipped with these processors and RTX 40 series laptop GPU. In terms of processors, there are i9-13980HX, i9-13950HX, and i9-13900HX. The price is not cheap, but the high price also brings high performance.

Specifically, Intel Core i9-13980HX can be said to be the strongest laptop processor at the moment, and it also has the highest number of cores in the history of a laptop. Specifically, it has 8 performance cores, 16 energy efficiency cores, a total of 24 cores, and 32 threads, and the highest processor clock can reach 5.6 GHz. Of course, such specifications and performance also bring higher power consumption. The processors of the Raptor Lake-HX series have a basic TDP of 55W and a maximum power of 157W.

In the Passmark CPU Mark, Intel i9-13980HX and i9-13900HX have surpassed AMD R9 7845HX, which has just reached the top, ranking first and second respectively. Among them, the i9-13980HX score is 54483, the i9-13900HX score is 51739, and the Ryzen 9 7845HX score is 46791. The former two are about 16% and 10% higher than the latter scores.