Intel Arrow Lake performance has improved significantly: IPC increased by 45% compared to Alder Lake

After Raptor Lake, Intel will bring Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake one after another. Among them, Arrow Lake is the 15th generation Core, which is manufactured by Intel 20A and TSMC N3 process. On the desktop platform, Arrow Lake-S, like Meteor Lake-S, uses the next-generation LGA 1851 socket.

Intel Arrow Lake performance
According to RedGamingTech, both Intel Arrow Lake’s P-Core and E-Core have significant performance improvements. Among them, P-Core, which uses the Lion Cove architecture, is the main source of performance improvement. Its IPC is 20% higher than Meteor Lake’s Redwood Cove architecture and 45% higher than Alder Lake’s Golden Cove architecture. In addition, the performance improvement of the E-Core of the Skymont architecture will also be impressive, but no value is given.

The highest configuration of Arrow Lake-S is the same as the current Raptor Lake-S, with 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores, a total of 24 cores, and 32 threads. It is not clear whether the Xe core of the iGPU will also adopt the new architecture. It is rumored that the clock of Arrow Lake will be higher than that of Meteor Lake, which will be slightly lower than that of Raptor Lake.