Intel Core Ultra may debut in late September

Intel has previously announced that it will host the “Intel Innovation” summit in San Jose, California, USA, from September 19th to 20th, 2023. Recently, Intel has disclosed the schedule for all the meetings of this two-day event, and a special session titled “Intel Client Hardware Roadmap and the Rise of AI” has piqued widespread interest. It is anticipated to encompass the new generation of Core Ultra processors designed for mobile platforms.

One must remember that during last year’s keynote address, Intel unveiled a new product lineup, including cutting-edge graphics cards, Xeon, and the 13th generation Core K series processors. Considering Intel’s new product timetable, it’s not unlikely that they might seize this opportunity to publicly introduce the Core Ultra processor codenamed “Meteor Lake,” as well as the 14th generation Core processors, otherwise known as Raptor Lake Refresh.

According to the conference catalog published by Intel, the architecture of Meteor Lake will be discussed, and since this is the first integration of a VPU satisfying low-power AI inference tasks, special emphasis will be placed on the AI aspects of the new product. Although Intel has divulged some information about Meteor Lake, details regarding specific models, core counts, frequencies, and performance positioning remain undisclosed.

Intel has previously proclaimed that the Core brand will undergo a significant upgrade, splitting it into a brand new Intel Core Ultra for flagship-level products, and Intel Core processors for mainstream-level products. Starting with the Meteor Lake processors, which utilize second-generation hybrid architecture technology, the brand will implement an entirely new naming convention.