Intel Core i9-13900K overclocked to 8812.85 MHz

AMD FX-8370 is a processor with a default frequency of 4GHz, which was overclocked to 8722.78 MHz by extreme overclockers in August 2014.

Intel has adopted an improved version of the Intel 7 process technology on the latest Raptor Lake processor, and the channel mobility has been significantly improved. Compared with the manufacturing process used by Alder Lake, it has been optimized to have a significant process improvement. Coupled with Intel’s optimization of the core architecture and various aspects, the frequency of the 13th-generation Core processor has increased significantly. In the multiple leaks before the release in the past few months, we have seen a lot of high-frequency performance.

Image: hwbot

Unexpectedly, on the first day of the launch of the 13th generation Core processor, extreme overclockers from Switzerland used the Core i9-13900K to set a new record for CPU overclocking, breaking the 8.8GHz mark and reaching 8812.85. MHz, submitted to HWBOT. It is paired with an Asus ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX motherboard, which apparently also uses liquid nitrogen. The frequency of the two 16GB DDR5 memory used by the overclocking platform has also reached 11130MHz. At the same time, it also completed the SuperPI 32M test after overclocking, with a score of 3 minutes and 4.054 seconds.

In this overclock, the Core i9-13900K processor only turned on 8 P-Cores and turned off hyperthreading. Only one of the P-Cores broke through 8.8GHz, and the rest of the P-Cores remained at 3GHz. Asus has dominated the motherboard position with the CPU overclocking record for the past 12 years, the last time another brand appeared was DFI’s LanParty UT P35 motherboard in 2010.