Intel Core i3-N300 series processors appeared

Alder Lake-N has been around for a long time since it was exposed at the beginning of this year, but related products have not been shown. Unlike other Alder Lake chips, Alder Lake-N only comes with power-efficient cores based on the Gracemont architecture, up to eight. The cores will be divided into two clusters, each of which will be configured with 2MB of L2 cache and will share the L3 cache. At the same time, Alder Lake-N is also equipped with an integrated graphic of the Xe-LP architecture, with a maximum of 32 EUs and the latest codec functions.

Recently, Alder Lake-N appeared in Geekbench, the models are Intel Core i3-N300 and Intel Core i3-N305. The former uses DDR4-3200 memory, and the latter leaks more information, including a base frequency of 1.8GHz, a turbo frequency of 3.78GHz, and L2 and L3 caches.

In the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the Core i3-N305 scored 1025 points in the single-core performance test and 4420 points in the multi-core performance test. Although it does not seem to be a very high score now, it is comparable to some mainstream performance level processors in the past, such as the Core i7-8750H (single-core 974 points / multi-core 4438 points). If compared with the existing processors, the single-core performance has reached the level of AMD Ryzen 7 5700U (single-core 1021 points / multi-core 5433 points).

Intel has yet to announce Alder Lake-N information to the outside world, but the list of processors using this chip should gradually increase. Alder Lake-N processor boot logs were previously discovered, showing two unseen models, the N100 and N200.

Since Intel has announced adjustments for next year’s mobile processor products, a new name will be used on the mobile processor in 2023, replacing the two brands of “Pentium” and “Celeron” that have been used for many years, so I don’t know how the Alder Lake-N chip will be divided.