Intel confirms it will launch 6 GHz Raptor Lake

A few months ago, Intel updated its official overclocking software Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) in preparation for the upcoming 13th Gen Core (Raptor Lake). Three new features have been added for overclocking of new platforms in the future, including the addition of support for per-Core OC TVB, package OC TVB, and Efficient TVB.

At that time, it was reported that in E-TVB mode, the frequency of Intel Raptor Lake may reach 6 GHz, becoming the first x86 processor to reach 6GHz, but it does not appear in the general model, it may be a version such as KS.

Image: Tom’s Hardware via Intel

According to TomsHardware, Intel recently shared information on its latest products during a technology presentation in Israel. One of the slides shows that the frequency of Intel Raptor Lake can reach 6 GHz, and it is confirmed that it can reach more than 8GHz after overclocking, which obviously requires the use of liquid nitrogen. Intel didn’t share more details on the product, but Raptor Lake will offer the first 6GHz model, not sure if it will be a Core i9-13900KS.

Isic Silas, vice president of Intel’s client computing business (CCG), said that the reason for Raptor Lake is that Meteor Lake was not ready on time. Development of Raptor Lake began about two years ago, and compared to Alder Lake, Raptor Lake has improved single-threaded performance by 15% and multi-threaded performance by 41% according to SPECintrate_2017.
Intel also shared more information about its processor design and verification process, saying that the development cycle for Raptor Lake has been shortened by six months due to backward compatibility with Alder Lake.