Intel 12th generation Core T series specifications are leaked

Intel is expected to launch Alder Lake processors at the end of October, and the time to market should be in mid-November, as the release time gets closer and closer, recently, there have been a lot of related specifications about the 12th-generation Core processor released, and now FanlessTech has released a complete list of the 12th-generation Core 35W T-series processors.

Intel Alder Lake Windows 11

This list includes one Core i9 and one Core i7, three Core i5, and two Core i3. The specific list is as follows:
  • i9-12900T 16 (8+8) 24T 30MB L3 up to 4.9GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i7-12700T 12 (8+4) 20T 25MB L3 up to 4.7GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12600T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.6GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12500T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.4GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12400T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.2GHz UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12300T 4 (4+0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.2GHz UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12100T 4 (4+0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.1GHz UHD Graphics 730

In fact, the core number of Core i9 and Core i7 T series and K series are the same, but the frequency is different from TDP, Core i9-12900T has 8 P-Cores (Performance) and 8 E-Cores (Efficient), the highest core frequency is 4.9GHz. Core i7-12700T has 8 P-Cores (Performance) and 8 E-Cores (Efficient), the highest core frequency is 4.7GHz.

Core i5-12600T has only 6 performance cores, while Core i5-12600K has 6 performance cores and 4 efficient cores. There is a clear difference here, but it is said that Core i5-12600 also has only 6 performance cores. Core i5-12500T and Core i5-12600T only differ in frequency, while Core i5-12400T has been streamlined in the core display, from UHD 770 to UHD 730.
It is said that Intel will only launch the 12th-generation Core K/KF series processors this year, while the non-K and T series processors will not be launched until early 2022.