U.S. retailer reveals Intel Alder Lake processor price

At the beginning of this month, I reported some price situations of Intel Alder Lake-S processors in the US and Europe.

The first 12th-generation Core series processors are expected to include six products: Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K, Core i5-12600K, Core i9-12900KF, Core i7-12700KF, and Core i5-12600KF.
According to a report by TomsHardware, US retailer Provantage recently revealed the boxed price of the first 12th-generation Core series processors. The processor list is consistent with the previously exposed information, but the price is different, which seems to be more reasonable. Before the official sale, these prices are not necessarily the final prices, but they can be used as a reference.
Intel Alder Lake Windows 11

Intel 12th Generation Alder Lake Pricing

Processor Boxed Pricing Tray Pricing Base / Boost Clocks (GHz) L3 Cache (MB) TDP (W) Boxed PN Tray PN
Core i9-12900K $604.89 $605.92 3.2 / 5.2 30 125 BX8071512900K CM8071504549230
Core i9-12900KF $578.13 $578.49 3.2 / 5.2 30 125 BX8071512900KF CM8071504549231
Core i7-12700K $422.17 $420.26 3.6 / 5.0 25 125 BX8071512700K CM8071504553828
Core i7-12700KF $395.61 $392.36 3.6 / 5.0 25 125 BX8071512700KF CM8071504553829
Core i5-12600K $288.77 $283.59 3.7 / 4.9 20 125 BX8071512600K CM8071504555227
Core i5-12600KF $261.77 $263.15 3.7 / 4.9 20 125 BX8071512600KF

As the release time approaches, many people should expect the performance of this x86 desktop processor with big.LITTLE hybrid architecture.