Indian regulators investigate that Google is using its Android market position to monopolize

After conducting a two-year investigation, the Competition Commission of India believes that Google has used Android’s dominant market position to harm Google’s competitors in the Indian market.

At present, the regulatory agency has not disclosed the complete investigation report, but the preliminary information has made it clear that Google has a monopoly in violation of the law in India.

The epidemic has caused Indian regulatory agencies to encounter many difficulties in investigations, but the agency has successfully obtained responses from 50 companies after sending investigations to many companies.

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These companies include Amazon and Apple, as well as a large number of technology companies and startups in India, and regulators hope to obtain conclusive evidence of Google’s monopoly.

The Competition Commission of India revealed that after a detailed investigation, the agency believes that Google uses its dominant market position in India to force manufacturers to pre-install Google-based applications.

This behavior has violated India’s anti-monopoly law, the Indian Competition Law, and the regulator also found that Google’s pre-installed Play Store policy has multiple problems.

The specific issues are unclear. The agency only stated that the Google Play Store policy is one-sided, ambiguous, vague, biased, and arbitrary.

Google said the company looks forward to cooperating with the Competition Commission of India to demonstrate how the company’s Android system promotes market competition and enhances innovation.

Google naturally denies allegations of violating competition-related laws. Of course, denying as usual in the past will not help Google resolve antitrust investigations and huge fines.

It is not clear what penalties the Indian regulators will impose on Google, but since it has been determined that Google has a monopoly, the huge fine is probably indispensable.

Prior to this, Indian regulators had initiated an investigation to Google on the issue of store levy. Of course, Google was not the only one being investigated. Apple’s levy was also the focus.

Via: Reuters