Amazon AppStore has appeared in Microsoft Store

Earlier, Microsoft engineers released the Windows 11 Subsystem for Android to the Microsoft Store. The description also stated that Microsoft secrets should not be discussed or screenshots.

However, analysis shows that this so-called subsystem is just a placeholder and does not contain any actual content, so even Windows 11 users cannot use it even if it is downloaded.

The Amazon AppStore application appeared in the Microsoft Store recently, and Amazon and Microsoft cooperated to provide users with Android applications.

It’s just that Amazon AppStore is also a placeholder and therefore does not contain any actual functions, but this may also indicate that Microsoft and Amazon are stepping up development.

In Microsoft’s demo picture, it seems that the Microsoft Store can directly download Android applications, but may Amazon release this store independently of the Microsoft Store?

However, the current Android subsystem and Amazon store cannot be used normally, so the specific situation is not clear, and it will be known when Microsoft starts testing the subsystem.

In the application description, Amazon engineers wrote: “Amazon Confidential – For testing purposes.”

Via: Firecube