Indian giants intend to acquire TikTok’s Indian market

After India banned the TikTok, the Indian giant Indian, Reliance Industries is negotiating with ByteDance to acquire TikTok’s Indian market.

Reliance Industries is the largest company in India. Reliance Industries has a variety of businesses in India, such as petroleum, telecommunications, networking, and various industrial manufacturing.

The TikTok and other Chinese apps were previously blocked by India for so-called security reasons. The TikTok has 200 million users in India.

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Earlier, US President Trump also announced the ban on Tiktok, which also made ByteDance have to sell Tiktok’s U.S market and other businesses to American companies.

After the TikTok was blocked in India, the business was suspended because the Indian government instructed local network operators to block the TikTok through the backbone network. Indian users are actually unable to load short videos on the TikTok normally.

The latest report is that the Indian giant Reliance Industries intends to acquire the ownership of TikTok’s Indian market, but there is basically no choice for Bytedance.

Via: TechCrunch