IFA 2022 will resume in the form of offline exhibitions

Messe Berlin and the German Association of the Entertainment and Communication Electronics Industry announced earlier that this year’s IFA 2022 will resume in the form of offline events, which are expected to take place from September 2 to 6.

In fact, last year’s IFA 2021 was originally intended to resume in an offline form, but it was later canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic. This year, offline events will resume again. Martin Ecknig, CEO of Messe Berlin, said that based on the current epidemic situation, IFA 2022 will attract global attention with all-offline exhibition activities, and promote larger-scale business development through offline activities.

In response to the resumption of the offline exhibition activities, Martin Ecknig also emphasized that he is fully prepared to restart the offline exhibition activities, which is expected to attract global participation in the exhibition.

Although this year, including CES 2022, MWC 2022, and other exhibition activities have been resumed in offline form, many events such as E3 2022 still consider the impact of the epidemic and finally decided to cancel the holding, while the annual developer conferences of technology companies such as Apple and Google are It will be held online.