HWiNFO will add early support for AMD Zen 4 architecture processors

There are rumors that AMD has canceled the Zen 3+ architecture so that everyone’s focus is even on the Zen 4 architecture. Although there is still a long time before the official release of the Zen 4 architecture processor, and consumers will not see it until next year, there is not much news about AMD‘s next-generation Zen 4 architecture recently.
Under normal circumstances, manufacturers like Intel or AMD will appropriately distribute firmware to partners so that these companies can provide necessary initial support for upcoming new products in advance to make relevant preparations. Sometimes through the descriptions of some supporting products or software update logs related to these companies, we can know what new products may meet with consumers in the future.

Recently, the hardware detection tool HWiNFO mentioned in the next version that it “enhanced early support of some Zen4-based systems.”, but did not specifically explain what kind of system it belongs to. This may indicate that the highly anticipated Zen 4 architecture processor has entered a new stage. HWiNFO’s previous update also mentioned “the next generation of Ryzen Threadripper“, which is likely to be the Ryzen Threadripper processor of the Zen 3 architecture. It is rumored to be launched in September.