How To Secure Your Online Shopping Site From Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks have always been on the rise, especially in the last couple of years and unfortunately, that also involves the retail industry. How come this happens? Well, it’s because consumers usually leave their personal information that is extremely valuable to hackers.

Now, building up your own website is not as difficult as it was before, however, protecting it from cybercriminals can be quite challenging. If this occurs, this can seriously affect the trust their customers have.

Even though it’s not their fault, buyers may feel threatened by this and may avoid this website in the future. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent this and keep your website stable and secure. Let’s see how!

Implement These Strategies


One of the best ways to make sure that all members of your website (including you, customers, employees) are safe is to advise them to create a unique password. Namely, more than eighty percent of cyber attacks occur because the password was either too short or too simple.

That’s why you should do your best to put one that is quite complex and difficult to steal. Always add numbers to make it more complex. If you think that there’s a chance you might forget it, write it down!

Additionally, do not ever share any password and in order to protect every account, each person should have his or her private, special password, as well as username when they try to sign up on your website.

Important information such as date of birth, home address, country or city your user lives in and social security number must never be visible to anyone. Of course, the only one who should be able to know this is your consumer.

The Importance Of Trustworthy Ecommerce Platform

There are a plethora of platforms you can choose to build your store on. Experienced development agency at B2B ECommerce Magento agency thinks that you should hire one that is going to host your online shop, as well as take care of any issues regarding security. A high-quality e-commerce provider will continuously supervise all shops on their platform to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In case there is a danger lurking around the corner, they will find numerous beneficial solutions to take care of the problem. That’s why you should be careful when it comes to choosing the right platform.


People who are working on your e-Commerce website should pay attention to two-step authentication. What does this represent? Actually, it is a software that enables users to verify their identity by utilizing their mobile phones.

Perceive it as the last line of your protection for your online shop. Now, in case someone hacks or takes anyone’s password, the crook will still need to go through one more level of identification.

Choosing The Right Hosting Provider

This is another important step to make sure your E-commerce website is safe. You should pick a hosting provider who equally cares about the store’s safety as much as you do. Otherwise, it won’t work.

Always look for top-notch quality, rather than the price. In order to find the proper one, make sure it offers all of these things. They include:

  • Swift service
  • AES encryption
  • Instant disaster recovery
  • A first-class backup software
  • Round the clock technical help
  • Network supervising

Zero-day Exploits

Software developers are usually always focused on the potential exploits any hacker could utilize to get access to backdoor entry to any system. As soon as they reveal a flaw, the issue and make a patch to make sure that users are one hundred percent secured.

Now, at times, cybercriminals will uncover this vulnerability before software developers and will do anything that’s in their power to exploit it. This will allow them to easily enter the eCommerce website. This procedure is known as a zero-day strike.

Spam Mail

This usually happens during the holidays when many companies develop various marketing strategies to attract new and old customers. They create some sort of marketing hype. Namely, these corporations usually send numerous promotional offers in the form of an email.

Cyber attackers are entirely aware of this, so they use an opportunity to make an email with very similar content or titles that are actually malicious mails and then send them to the consumers. These usually end up as spam emails. Clicking on them frequently leads to phishing websites.

Most store owners know that they can no longer ignore or avoid the online world. That’s simply how the modern world functions. A lot of corporations have online stores because they know that it’s the best way to attract new customers and enhance the consumer experience. So, if you are about to have your own webshop pay attention to these tips to ensure every buyer is protected.