How to enable WebRender rendering engine in Firefox v67

enable WebRender Firefox 67

Yesterday we mentioned that Firefox’s latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox v67 will open the WebRender rendering engine test for some users. According to the Firefox browser team, when the user opens a new rendering engine, the page load frame rate can be directly increased from the existing 20FPS to 60FPS. Note that the new rendering engine itself is not designed to speed up the loading of web pages, but to make the webpage load smoother without the problem of stagnation. However, the new version will only open the new rendering engine for only 5% of users, so most users do not currently enable this engine by default.

The current new rendering engine only supports Windows 10 systems and must be equipped with NVIDIA graphics cards. Other platforms and graphics cards are not yet supported. Users should use at least Mozilla Firefox v67 and above, whether it is stable or beta or nightly build.

Type about:config in the Firefox browser address bar and click OK. Then type gfx.webrender.all in the search box to see the search options.

After switching the option by pressing the toggle button and changing its default False to True means it is turned on, then restart Firefox to experience the new rendering engine.

Compared with Google Chrome, Google Chrome update frequency is only 15FPS, so users will find that the web rendering experience is super good when they put on the Firefox browser.