How to Design User Experience

Companies have now understood that the experience of the digital user, the ease and satisfaction they get when using corporate systems is one of their priorities. Being intuitive, user-friendly, and useful is crucial to the design of digital products and services. If you are wondering how to create a human-oriented online experience, the obvious advice would be to address a professional UX/UI design agency and take the first steps in creating an excellent user experience. In this post, you will find some useful tips that will help you to interact with your designer or create a better UX design yourself.

A Few Words About Human-Oriented Design

User experience (UX) and more generally user-oriented design approaches, known as human-centered design, have now become the new frontier of success for digital services. User experience can be defined as the ease and satisfaction that a person experiences when interacting with the software system. UX is one of the main factors that determines the success of the most popular apps in the world, such as Spotify, Instagram, or Amazon. That is why UX/UI design and consulting are some of the most important services to use in your product development.

The 6 Basic Principles of UX

In the past 30 years, the need to invest in skills and processes that made it possible to improve the usability of products/services during planning and implementation phases became obvious. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an in-house team of professionals or an outsourcing UX/UI design agency (Click here for some of the best in the world). The important thing is that by studying business processes and making research about the needs and pains of the target audience, you manage to better satisfy the expectations of customers.

The acceleration that has occurred in recent years mainly depends on:

  • The appearance of many new digital products/services, which have increased the role of the interfaces that each of us uses daily to buy and use products
  • The revolution in the preciseness of the technical tools that allow one to predict, monitor, and detect customer behavior and satisfaction
  • The availability of consolidated data on the profitability of investments in UX/CX and their correlation with the performance of the shares

As a result, there is a growing number of professionals, companies, and countries that are interested in UX. 

User Experience in Practice: How to Provide an Excellent User Experience

Here are the principles that allow you to check what should be improved in the UX of an application or website that you already have: 

  • The design is based on an explicit understanding of users, their objectives, and the tasks they must perform to achieve them also in relation to the physical, social, and organizational environment in which they find themselves.
  • Are users (real and representative) involved during the whole ideational, planning, and implementation process?
  • Is the design guided by user checks?
  • Is the process iterative?
  • Does the design take care of the entire user experience?
  • Does the team include multidisciplinary skills and perspectives (i.e. that allow you to manage UX research, UX design, and UX evaluation activities)?

If the answer to the first three questions is negative, it is likely that the organization should stop talking “about” users to start talking “to” users if it wants to maintain its market competitiveness. If you answer negatively to the following three questions, it is likely that you are trying to save up on UX without attracting a truly professional perspective on the matter. While hiring a team of designers, UX/UI researchers and analysts might seem expensive; you lose much more money when failing to supply the users with the products they are comfortable using. 


Applications and websites are often seen as just one of the channels of client-company communication, where the offline interaction is the priority. However, it is worth remembering that everyone nowadays checks your company online before making a decision to buy from you. Also, today, the ever-growing number of people tend to buy or experience services online (wherever possible). Therefore, to represent your company well, a professional team should be involved in creating a high-quality user experience: marketers, managers, support services, programmers, work performers and, of course, the users themselves. You need to get input from all of them and offer the best way to package, position, and communicate with your product. This is the only way you can create a good UX that attracts and retains users.