The UK antitrust regulator is considering launching an antitrust investigation against Google

The UK antitrust regulator recently received complaints from Google’s competitors. The agency is currently considering whether to initiate an antitrust investigation against Google.

The main complaint was the technical changes of Google Chrome regarding the content of cookies. Google Chrome earlier stated that it may gradually restrict cookie technology.

At present, most advertising networks rely on this technology to track users to deliver accurate advertisements. If the technology is restricted from tracking, it will affect the advertising network.

Of course, this is not a bad thing for users because it helps to protect our personal privacy. Google Chrome intends to restrict this technology, which is to improve privacy protection.

Perhaps everyone will think that this operation of Google Chrome is beneficial to the majority of users. Is there any unreasonable accusation against Google by advertising networks?

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In fact, it is not only the British advertising network company that complained to Google about this issue. There are also advertising companies in the United States who questioned Google’s anti-competition.

The reason is that Google Chrome can indeed protect user privacy by restricting cookie tracking so that third-party advertising networks cannot better track user privacy.

But Google itself can still track user privacy through Google Chrome to push accurate advertising, which means that Google only allows itself to collect user data.

The Google advertising network platform currently has the highest market share. In the end, other advertising networks cannot compete with Google and have to buy traffic from Google at high prices.

Although Google Chrome has not implemented the gradual restriction of cookie tracking technology, advertising networks have begun to actively complain to the regulators that Google is anti-competitive.

Some advertising network representatives said that the measures Google plans to implement will severely limit the ability of advertising networks to collect data and prevent advertising networks from providing more valuable advertisements.

At the same time, this will have a very serious impact on small media companies. Some small media companies may lose up to 75% of their advertising revenue.

The British antitrust regulator said it would carefully evaluate complaints to decide whether to initiate an antitrust investigation against Google and would also take active measures to help advertisers.

Via: dailymail