How Can Wifi Become a Solution to Security Issues at Construction Sites?

Much as in any other workplace, workers at building sites come with their fair share of risks. The most common risks are caused by the four deadly ones; falls, being hit by an impact, electrocution, and being trapped between two items. The threats at construction sites, however, are not limited to those that cause physical damage, as safety and construction site robbery have always been a major concern.

Given the continuous usage of technology in our everyday lives, the use of wireless networks has emerged as one way to solve security issues and provide reliable construction site Wi-Fi solutions. Wi-Fi solutions at construction sites are cheaper than most alternatives and demand less human interaction.

Construction Site Security

There are two main ways of maintaining construction site security – physical and operational measures. Physical interventions include facilities that include technological systems such as detection of intruders, lighting, CCTV, construction site Wi-Fi, access control systems, and barriers such as walls, gates, barriers and bollards.

Operational steps are human tasks related to the guarding and execution of all on-site security operations. Site policy should state site protection criteria and to what degree their powers can be enforced by security personnel. Guarding involves patrolling and static security, processing every movement of people and vehicles in and out of the construction site, running the technical systems, documenting accidents, and coordinating with the site manager.

Ways Wi-Fi Can Improve Site Safety and Security

Construction site WiFi solutions employ many improvements in technology to boost safety and increase security in a couple of ways such as:

Use of Wearables

For hazardous jobs, wearables may become important for employees as their environment could be carefully monitored. These are gadgets that are used by workers at the construction site that connect Wi-Fi to the construction site. Lack of activity, heat or gas build-up, etc. are identified by such wearables.

If an issue is found, emergency responders could be immediately notified. In the case of an injury, the staff will be assured that their co-workers will be addressed quickly by the wearables, dramatically reducing the time taken to get medical assistance.

localisation Technology

Together with evolving localisation technologies, mobile devices, and wearables, Wi-Fi for construction sites may play a vital role in improving on-site protection. If an accident occurs, the ability to locate all potentially injured employees quickly and identify safety resources is important.

Wi-Fi-connected devices might automatically alert managers, close-by colleagues, and management after an accident. Victims of injuries will be discovered immediately and witnesses will have access to and follow emergency protocols.

Digitisation of Safety Processes

Through the use of Wi-Fi in conjunction with mobile networks and tablets, fully digitised security processes are possible. To receive security permits, staff can complete checklists on mobile devices, and supervisors approve them in real-time.

All the information processed is exchanged with co-workers, managers and management digitally. The benefits of this innovation include improved efficiency, smarter performance, and the ability in real-time to detect conflicting activities.

Digitised Security

IP CCTV cameras that stream photos using Wi-Fi from the construction site to either the security team located at the headquarters or a contractor are a viable substitute for certain security information.

Wi-Fi-operated access systems have other security features that depend on an internet link and can stream images from cameras at the gate or any other location to any smartphone and be remotely activated when required, saving someone from having to operate the gate all day.

Ways Wi-Fi Can Handle Security Issues at Construction Sites

Construction site safety is a big deal, and for your company, there are all kinds of ways things might go wrong. Construction fraud and cyber breaches can fully disrupt projects, so you need to use a blend of video monitoring, cyber protection, and other high-tech and low-tech resources at your disposal to secure your next disaster project.

Here are several best practices to be used to strengthen the protection of the construction site and prevent being the next victim of robbery or worse. They all make use of a Wi-Fi connection.

Install a Video Surveillance System

If, because of the cost, you have been putting off installing a video surveillance system at your worksite, now is the time to invest. Basic camera monitoring configurations cost just a few hundred dollars, but, possibly more sophisticated construction sites and their protection options would cost thousands.

Automatic Lighting

Don’t forget about the lights. Thieves thrive in darkness, so leaving the site well-lit is the greatest deterrent when you don’t have someone around. On the lighting bill, this might cost you a little more, but if you’ve been stung by a costly burglary, you understand it’s good enough to justify it.

GPS Tracking

At your worksite, GPS trackers provide a convenient way to protect important products and facilities that were not readily accessible 20 years ago.

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