October 24, 2020

Hoverwatch Review

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How to track a cell phone location online

With the growing increase in technology, it is now more convenient than ever to track a cell phone location online. We live in a world that heavily relies upon phones for even the littlest of tasks, but that also places one’s security on stakes.

Spy software – What are they?

Therefore, we were introduced to the idea of having spy applications on the phone, to help us with tracking phone calls, text messages, locations, browsing, and interaction on social media applications too.

Why use spy apps?

Call it a surveillance technique for our phones, as per its’ ability to run in the background and keep a record of all ongoing activities in our devices. Still, perhaps the best feature so far is the ability to track a cell phone location online. Ever since the technology world set its hands-on spy applications, it has been a vital help for parents following their child’s activity and place and by companies to keep a check over their employees.

Spy Applications for Android

The internet continues to provide us with wonders, giving us applications like Google and its’ feature for finding one’s device, followed some more like the Mobile Number Tracker pro app, that lets us track a cell phone location for free. The world of Android has brought in several spy applications that one may implement to ensure the safekeeping of the records of their phone usage. Be it to keep a check on children’s activity on devices by their parents, or to store data of every call, text message we make. Some of the top-rated android apps to fulfill the task include:

– Hoverwatch
– FlexiSpy
– Cerberus
– Google Family Link
– Cocospy

Hoverwatch mobile tracker

With the numerous spy applications available on the app store,  Hoverwatch, a mobile tracker, allows the user to create their account and brings in the ability to track the usage performed over the applications on the phone, which is saved to that specific account. The user may then review all the tracked activity as per their timings and convenience.

Why switch to Hoverwatch

Ever since the launch of Hoverwatch in 2002, it has been a hit with parents willing to keep track of their children’s phones, which in turn has helped to prevent the child from slipping into the wrong company over the net. It smoothly runs in the background, hidden so the subject may not be aware of being tracked, and sends the data to the user’s account on the Hoverwatch app. The compatibility of this software to run on android phones has lead to its massive success in the market.

Hoverwatch has provided ease to many parents to see who their child messages, calls, or interacts with over social media platforms. It comes in with a handful of useful features on its Android platform:
1. Operating while hidden in the background. (a unique feature of Hoverwatch)
2. Stores recording of all calls, incoming or outgoing.
3. Records all SMS, despite the change of SIM card in the phone
4. Record browser history
5. Track all messages on Facebook (also view the hyped-up stickers and gifs with this app)
6. Track WhatsApp activity.
7. Hoverwatch allows the tracking of Snapchat use as well, specifically to ensure the subject is not viewing inappropriate content.
8. Another plus point to track a cell phone location online, Hoverwatch captures camera shots of its user upon phone usage.
9. Save all contacts and even the to-do lists of the subject with Hoverwatch.
10. Provides a track of the phone’s location.
11. Track the entire activity of the user with screenshots of each phase during the phone usage.

How you can get Hoverwatch

Although being a computer software, Hoverwatch is also readily available for phone users, too, providing the maximum ease of usage to its Android users. You may become a happy Hoverwatch user today, with the simple installation steps:

  1. Sign up for free for an online account on Hoverwatch.com.
    2. Using the account, download the application on your phone or the subjects you wish to monitor.
    3. Access your Hoverwatch account from any computer to view the user activity stored continuously.

While we are given the option to opt for a free or paid spy app, it is only understandable why one may be willing to invest in the best app for accurate tracking. That is why Hoverwatch gives the user free sign up and a free trial to utilize the features and choose a monthly package depending on their needs.

Plan Personal Family Business
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month $24.95 $49.95 $149.95

The user-friendly packages include one for parents, charging monthly $9.99 per device for up to 5 gadgets, or the business plan giving tracking 25 machines with $6.00 per device monthly, an apt option for companies willing to track employee activity with Hoverwatch. Other than these, it also comes with a personal package, wherein Hoverwatch provides all tracking feature for one’s device or a single subject at $24.95 monthly.

Are Spy Applications Legal

Spying depends on the intention of the one performing it; thus, when done for fun or with malicious intent, it is naturally deemed illegal. However, with the given security risk in the online world currently, more specifically for children, it is justified why parents may wish to keep a check and save their children from the wrongdoings timely. Or, why a company manager may want to monitor the employees to ensure their work data is safe and not being leaked outside of any policies.

To get one, or to not get one?

Suppose you are among the significant population willing to keep track of your loved one’s safety.

Thinking be it saving loved from online threats, blackmailing, cyberbullying without them feeling like an intrusion to their privacy.

Probably you want to view their location and know they are within safe boundaries, so spy applications are the best way to go.