November 26, 2020

5 Common Cyber Security Mistakes that Businesses Make But They Don’t Know

3 min read

When you hear that companies like Yahoo, Apple, Target, and… Google itself has become a cyber-security victim; you can understand how big is this threat to today’s business world. Only in 2019, the companies have to see a loss of 4.7 million dollars due to identity breaches and data theft. What is even more alarming is that this storm doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. More and more cybercriminals are emerging every day with new tactics to breach you and take away your personal information.

But if you dig out deep into the problem, you will find that most of the time, these are companies’ cybersecurity loopholes that let in these fraudulent to create havoc in your life. So no matter how good a cybersecurity system you install in your systems and which team you hire, if you are committing these common mistakes, anyone can blow your cover anytime:

Not Doing Regular Security Audits

Why do we do audits? To ensure the transparency of the process. Similarly, cyber-security audits are an important part of ensuring that your security is intact without any holes and gaps. The audit includes the compromise assessment of your current situation and the possibility of any threat. So a cyber audit is not only about maintaining your security; it is also about finding any potential information about a threat.

Not Caring About System Update

We often get a message of “Update your system,’’ that we just love to ignore. But in reality, it is not Google’s tactic to annoy you; in fact, it is asking you to update your system to save from any attack. When you set up good security and firewall, your system detects any malicious attachment and prevents them from downloading. But it is only possible if your system is tip-top and fully updated.

Save Important Files Separately

Operating a business is not easy. Sometimes, you need instant access to files, and for this, you want to have them handily available in your system for easy delivery and attachment. But keeping files on server-connected computers means you are freely asking hackers to come, attack, and take-away your important information.

Desensitized Staff

A desensitized staff that has little to no knowledge about the possible security threat is your biggest enemy. Even if you have installed a firewall, you can still become a victim. For example, what if your employee ends up clicking a phishing email and leaks out your important information? So workforce training and sensitization are also an important part of your whole security setup.

● Not Making a Robust Strategy

Cybersecurity is not just another IT issue that you can sort out with a few IT installments. You need to come up with a viable plan, solution, and strategy to prevent or cater to any issue that erupts in the future to minimize the possibility of the density of any issue.

Make sure that your firm is not making the above-mentioned issues and taking cybersecurity issues seriously. These issues are legit, and you need to be cautious of them!