Have No Fossil Gen7: Google & Fossil’s Wear OS Partnership on Shaky Ground

Fossil, a company that has collaborated extensively with Google on smartwatch operating systems, is reportedly ceasing to release new smartwatch products equipped with Wear OS.

Speculations suggest that Fossil may discontinue its partnership with Google, potentially ceasing the launch of Wear OS-equipped smartwatches in the future. This shift might stem from Google’s increased focus on its collaboration with Samsung.

Discussions on the Reddit forum allege that since the launch of its Gen 6 series of smartwatches in August 2021 and the Gen 6 Wellness Edition with enhanced health measurement features in October 2022, Fossil has not introduced any new smartwatch models. Current significant discounts on these products on the official US website further fuel rumors of Fossil’s potential discontinuation of collaboration with Google.

It is claimed that Fossil’s partnership with Google dates back to the early days of the Android Wear operating system. However, Google’s deeper collaboration with Samsung marks a significant contrast, leading to speculation that Fossil may consider ending its partnership with Google. This conjecture is based on the observation that many of Google’s updates for Wear OS are specifically tailored for Samsung’s smartwatches, possibly leaving Fossil at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, neither Fossil nor Google have officially responded to these rumors.