Google Play Store will soon launch a remote app uninstall function

Developers recently unearthed an unreleased feature in version 38.8 of the Google Play Store, a remote app uninstallation capability, designed to offer users more convenience in managing apps installed across various devices.

Previously, Google had enabled users to log into the Google Play Store service and select specific devices for app installation. The newly anticipated feature, conversely, will allow users to remotely uninstall selected apps from specific devices.

The process involves accessing the Google Play Store service, clicking on the user’s profile icon, and selecting ‘Manage apps & devices.’ Users can then navigate through the ‘Manage’ option to choose a specific device and subsequently select the app they wish to uninstall.

Regarding app management, the content can be sorted by name or size, facilitating users to effortlessly locate the app they wish to uninstall by name or identify which apps occupy more storage space.

As per Google’s update log, this remote app uninstallation feature will apply to smartphones, tablets, televisions, wearable devices, PCs, or in-car systems, enabling users to manage apps installed on various devices remotely from a single device.