Hackers attack school systems in Michigan, demanding $10,000 in bitcoin

A community school in Michigan, the United States, has become the latest target of ransomware. Hackers controlled the school’s computer system and demanded $10,000 in Bitcoin will be released from control.

ICS Attack Framework “TRITON”

District officials at the Richmond Community School said school servers were attacked by ransomware during the holidays, and phones, photocopiers, and classroom technology equipment were affected by the virus. Three school systems have been closed in the area to allow employees to solve problems. Officials believe that this will be “a very time-consuming process”, and fortunately, the information of students and staff isn’t leaked.

The person in charge of the Richmond Community School said that the school did not intend to pay the ransom and could not guarantee that it could reply to the server files. The region is now working to migrate critical data to backup servers.

Via: MSN