September 20, 2020

Chromium Microsoft Edge for iOS is getting a new icon

1 min read

Microsoft today released an update to its Chromium Edge beta application for iOS users, which is made available through the Apple TestFlight app. When users update to the latest version, the first thing they see is the new logo, which was first launched in the Android beta app yesterday. At the same time, earlier this week, the two features already available in Chromium Microsoft Edge Beta for Android have also been synchronized to the iOS version.

Chromium Microsoft Edge icon

The first is a new feature in sync settings. Users can choose the “New Microsoft Edge” profile and inherit the settings of the “Old Microsoft Edge”. Previously, Chromium Edge was called Edge Insider, while Edge Spartan was only called Edge.

Another new feature is the new Control Center. Clicking on the ellipsis in the center of the navigation bar will display a series of options.

Chromium Edge will be officially released on the desktop on January 15th.