Hacker pleads guilty due to selling over 150,000 compromised payment cards

Aleksei Burkov, a 29-year-old hacker from Russia, has pleaded guilty in U.S. courts to sell various credit card data mainly on the dark web black market.

Court documents have revealed that the hacker hosted 150,000 credit card data between 2009 and 2013, peddling for $2.5 to $10 each. The specific price depends on the issuer and card issue area, and buyers can even pay a small fee to verify that these credit cards are normal and valid.

19-year-old hacker

These credit cards contain almost complete user data, not just the user’s name, card number, expiration date, security code, and even the user’s billing address. Most of the credit card data were in the United States. Hacker was arrested when he was transferred to an Israeli airport and later extradited to the United States for trial.

It is worth noting that this hacker is only responsible for the sales of credit card data, and the source of credit card data was completed by other hackers. Hackers steal credit card data by installing malicious software on the credit card machine.

Installing malicious software on credit card machines is a very common attack method. After completing the initial collection of data, there are other hackers responsible for organizing the data and integrating with the other data that has been obtained to piece together the complete information of the user. The hacker will be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison by the United States Federal Court.

Via: TheHackerNews